Truth Prevails

by admin March 10, 2017

In 2010, the Korean cult “New Heaven and New Earth” (Shincheonji) entered Mongolia and began infiltrating evangelical churches. Over the years they gathered a following of about 800 people, over half of these professed faith in Christ and attended evangelical churches. These followers were strongly encouraged to leave their families and social circles.  Many became involved in money laundering schemes within the cult.

Virus did a two-part story exposing the group and warning both Christians and non-Christians to beware. Many people contacted us and shared their own experiences as a result.  Not long after the Virus program aired, an investigation of the New Heaven, New Earth church, “The Mongolian Pearl”, was launched by the government and they were found to be a dangerous cult.  They were stripped of their permission to conduct religious activity in Mongolia.   The Mongolian Pearl then pressed charges against AMONG Mongolia, however, after two separate court hearings, the judge ruled in our favor.  As of today, March 10, 2017 AMONG Mongolia is cleared of any wrongdoing.