A Decision for Christ

by admin March 15, 2017

Batsaikhan works as a school janitor in Erdenemandal Soum. One evening he invited our team into his home to show a Bible film and share the Gospel with his family. It was late when we heard a knock at the door. It was Batzaya, a young relative of Batsaikhan, who looks after their herds in the countryside. He had come into the Soum and was looking for a place to sleep. He saw the light on and came to Batsaikhan’s in hopes to find a meal and shelter.  The family eagerly welcomed him and excitedly told him what they had learned about the Bible. They begged us to show him the Color of Life episode we had shown them earlier that evening. As Batzaya watched the video of people sharing their testimonies he began to cry. He asked us to tell him more about God and that night he prayed to accept Jesus as his savior.