Film Outreach

Our traveling evangelists, the Steppe-by-Steppe teams, have taken Jesus to a nomadic people using Bible film events to chronologically tell the Bible’s story. The events are outdoors in summer and in family homes, like Russian yurts, or in public halls in county seat towns in winter months. Films about a biblical person, like Abraham, Jacob, or Moses are shown to locals in the evening. The next morning, a guided Bible study focused on that biblical person, is given. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented at every event. Since 2007, the SBS teams have travelled to each of the 21 provinces, started 83 fellowships and over 146,737 Mongolians have attended these village film events.

Timothy Leadership Training

Training the leaders is one of the greatest needs of the Church in the developing world. In a land like Mongolia where remote locations and poverty mean that local persons with leadership gifts have no ability to easily travel somewhere to study, it is vital for the trainers to go to them. AMONG Foundation’s SBS teams are equipped, and they are committed to building Mongolian Church leaders in these remote locations.

Timothy Leadership Training Institute (TLT) is a renowned training program designed to prepare Christian leaders in remote, economically-challenged regions around the globe through a rigorous and thorough approach. As TLT states it “The mission of Timothy Leadership Training Institute is to train pastors, evangelists and lay leaders, enabling them to build viable and healthy congregations and communities.”

The TLT program is an essential part of Among Foundation’s vision for the future and is one of our continuing key initiatives.