Riaan de Lange

We at Davar Partners International count ourselves blessed to have had Among Mongolia as our partner studio for the recording of the Mongolian Audio Bible. Among’s dedication and unwavering commitment to high quality audio production, is going a long way in making God’s Word accessible to Mongolians who prefer to listen.

B. Bayarmagnai

The Among Mongolia staff are a great group of people who tirelessly dedicate themselves to reaching the lost with the Gospel message. Their content is creative, fresh, and contemporary. May God be even more glorified through the work of Among Mongolia.

Z. Orgilbayar

All media programs created at Among team are extremely impactful to people of Mongolia. I have been also working with Among team staffs almost a year and every time I meet, I feel full of passion from the team. Creative team members are very talented and professionals. Keep up the good work!