Melody of Love

by admin March 10, 2017

Last week, state recognized artists and long-time Christians, Khatanbaatar and Uranchimeg shared with Light News their plans to hold a fundraising concert to benefit 41-year-old Nyamdorj, who suffers from liver disease and is awaiting a liver transplant.
The couple challenged readers, “Just as a doctor takes on the responsibility to diagnose and treat the sick, we artists can also use the talents and abilities God gave us to help others in their time of need.”

The information was posted on our Light News facebook page and reached over 33,000 readers. There was an engagement of 12,000. Over 157 people shared the post and 30 people left positive comments.

The Wrestling Palace where the “Melody of Love” concert was held sold out when over 2,500 people attended to show support. The couple used the opportunity to share the Gospel with the crowd as well.