Blizzard in May

by Mungunkhet J July 15, 2023

While driving in the countryside of Jargalan Soum in Gobi-Altai Province, we came across many animals that were clearly suffering from a lack of food and water due to heavy snow caused by spring blizzards. As we drove along we encountered a 50-year-old woman named Javzandulam who was tending her sheep. We stopped and shared the Gospel with her. Javzandulam couldn’t take her eyes off her restless animals, some of which had already died in the fields. Her son who lived in Ulaanbaatar had urged his mother to visit a monk and seek help in safeguarding their remaining animals, their only sustenance. Javzandulam was doubtful but didn’t know what to do. She asked if God could help her and wondered if she should pray to both Jesus and Buddha. We explained that religion is a human construct that arises from people’s flawed understanding of God. We shared the Gospel with her and her husband. Our SBS team members gathered the dead animals and helped dispose of them. Together we prayed for God’s favor on the land and His protection over their family and herds.

Thank You For Sharing Jesus With US

While visiting families in Ongon Soum, we encountered an 81-year-old mother and her 58-year-old daughter. The mother cared for the daughter who was bedridden and suffered from liver cancer. Upon hearing the Gospel, they both accepted the Lord into their lives. We prayed for healing, and both mother and daughter became very emotional. They expressed their gratitude for having been introduced to a loving God. After our prayers, a remarkable transformation occurred within the daughter and she experienced a significant improvement in her condition. We are grateful to God for His healing and for the positive outcome of that visit.

Answer To A Prayer

We traveled to Delger Soum and met with the local authorities, including the governor. We introduced ourselves and explained the purpose of our visit- to provide support and food assistance to struggling families in the region. Puje’s was one of the four families we connected with. At the age of 70, Puje found himself caring for his children alone after having lost his wife sometime before. We introduced ourselves, offered the food we had brought, and shared that we were followers of Jesus. Tserennyam, Puje’s daughter, arrived and got to hear about Jesus. During our conversation, Tserennyam revealed that her mother was a believer and used to read the Bible. She also mentioned that her mother had shared the Gospel with them but they did not listen. Puje affirmed this, sharing that his wife used to pray to Jesus. He said that he was sure she passed on to the Eternal Land. He was convinced that God had led us to him. Puje, his daughter Tserennyam, and his three nieces all made the decision to accept Jesus and prayed together. The prayers of a wife and mother who was no longer with her family were answered that night.