Blizzard in May

While driving in the countryside of Jargalan Soum in Gobi-Altai Province, we came across many animals that were clearly suffering from a lack of food and water due to heavy snow caused by spring blizzards. As we drove along we encountered a 50-year-old woman named Javzandulam who was tending her sheep. We stopped and shared the Gospel with her. Javzandulam couldn’t take her eyes off her restless animals, some of which had already died in the fields. Her son who lived in Ulaanbaatar had urged his mother to visit a monk and seek help in safeguarding their remaining animals, their only sustenance. Javzandulam was doubtful but didn’t know what to do. She asked if God could help her and wondered if she should pray to both Jesus and Buddha. We explained that religion is a human construct that arises from people’s flawed understanding of God. We shared the Gospel with her and her husband. Our SBS team members gathered the dead animals and helped dispose of them. Together we prayed for God’s favor on the land and His protection over their family and herds.

Thank You For Sharing Jesus With US

While visiting families in Ongon Soum, we encountered an 81-year-old mother and her 58-year-old daughter. The mother cared for the daughter who was bedridden and suffered from liver cancer. Upon hearing the Gospel, they both accepted the Lord into their lives. We prayed for healing, and both mother and daughter became very emotional. They expressed their gratitude for having been introduced to a loving God. After our prayers, a remarkable transformation occurred within the daughter and she experienced a significant improvement in her condition. We are grateful to God for His healing and for the positive outcome of that visit.

Answer To A Prayer

We traveled to Delger Soum and met with the local authorities, including the governor. We introduced ourselves and explained the purpose of our visit- to provide support and food assistance to struggling families in the region. Puje’s was one of the four families we connected with. At the age of 70, Puje found himself caring for his children alone after having lost his wife sometime before. We introduced ourselves, offered the food we had brought, and shared that we were followers of Jesus. Tserennyam, Puje’s daughter, arrived and got to hear about Jesus. During our conversation, Tserennyam revealed that her mother was a believer and used to read the Bible. She also mentioned that her mother had shared the Gospel with them but they did not listen. Puje affirmed this, sharing that his wife used to pray to Jesus. He said that he was sure she passed on to the Eternal Land. He was convinced that God had led us to him. Puje, his daughter Tserennyam, and his three nieces all made the decision to accept Jesus and prayed together. The prayers of a wife and mother who was no longer with her family were answered that night.

May Miracles

In May we sent out 3 teams with very distinct purposes. The first team traveled to Beger to encourage a group of believers, most of them herders, there. These Christians are the fruit of a seed that was planted about 3 years ago and we praise God for the harvest.

Children praying in a nomadic home

Our second team carried out a Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) session in Arkhangai Province. Fourteen leaders from the region gathered to glorify God and learn together. Timothy Leadership Training encourages believers to engage in evangelism and share their experiences with each other through planning outreach efforts in their respective communities. During the May session, the students devised plans for the upcoming months. Several teams were formed and short-term missions ventures were scheduled.

TLT Trainer and the Trainees

The third team headed to Khuvsgul Province to conduct a 7-day training for Christian men from some of our churches. Besides being trained in the Word, the men shared meals together and built friendships. Today, there is a significant decline in male attendance in rural churches. Even the husbands of women who serve and lead within the church remain largely unchurched. This not only hinders the female leaders’ ability to fully focus on their ministry, but it often leads to persecution from family members. Despite having heard the Gospel multiple times, these men do not fully commit to faith, and there are likely various reasons for this. The fellowship time spent with these men served to encourage them and build relationships with them in order to have an impact for good.

A Testimony From Kyrgyzstan.

My name is Soyol (we changed the names of the individuals due to the privacy and safety), and I am a junior student at the Turkish Manas University in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I lived in a school dormitory. Shortly after arriving in Bishkek three years ago, I met Baatar’s family from Mongolia. I have been friends with Baatar’s family for three years.

Later I learned that they were Christians. I avoided talking about the religion with them because I was a Buddhist at that time. After the pandemic, my school was closed, the dormitory was locked, and there was nowhere to go. I couldn’t find an apartment outside of the school, and I was worried and scared. It was challenging for a single female student to have no one to support. When I contacted Munkhbaatar and told him about my situation, he invited me to his house and told me that I could stay with them.

A small group gathering of Mongolian in Bishkek

Since then, I have heard about Christ and came to a deeper understanding. I have recently decided to become a Christian and want to learn a lot more about Him. Now I live without any fear or worry. We watch the “Church In A Box” video Bible Study every week. After the Bible Study, we have time to share what we have learned.

Jesus’ humility and good deeds for others have always fascinated me. I’m also learning how to be a role model and an excellent example to others from these video lessons. Though people make many wrong choices in their lives, there is always a way to live the right. Jesus taught us to turn to his truth always. Now I know the consequence of sin is death.

The Gospel Is Not Locked Down

Although most of April was spent in strict lockdown, local churches and safe house families held a total of 71 video Bible studies with 494 people in attendance. During this time, 139 people heard the Gospel and 20 became believers. We gave Bibles to 50 people, including newcomers and fellow believers who never owned a Bible before. Our team hadn’t been able to do outreach trips due to the covid lockdowns. It will continue until the 8th of May.

Today, only grocery stores are open in Ulaanbaatar. Even though we are working from home, we are visiting the Safe House every time we get a chance. We were all vaccinated this month. We are praying that God show us how to spread the Gospel if this situation continues for a long time.

During the pandemic, the thumb drive distribution of ‘Church In A Box,’ a house-church video guide, is slowed down due to the restricted mail services. Also many house church meetings are cancelled. However, Church In A Box, Youtube channel will help hundreds of people to continue study the Bible thought the Gospel of John.

A ger-church members watching an episode of Church In A Box series.

The work of spreading the Gospel must not stop. We are planning to continue developing effective digital media strategy for our ministry outreach. Please pray for us.

Our vision is spread the Gospel of Christ to all people in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Tuva, Buryatia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. We are very confident that we can do this well by the grace of God. May the Lord God save all our nomadic nations and bless them.

Thank you for your prayers,

TLT-2017 Master Trainer’s Conference

SBS team held our annual TLT-2017 Master Trainer’s Conference, in June 9-11. The 68 attendants that hailed from 30 different soums and provinces represented 48 churches.  Eighteen of them were pastors and 48 were ministry leaders and house church leaders.

The goal of the TLT Master Trainers Conference is to encourage and empower the Master Trainers in their work and to confirm the things they have learned throughout the TLT sessions. It is also meant to be a source of equipping and personalized practical helps.  Each attendee conveyed that they were left feeling encouraged and with a clear vision of things they needed to work on.

Special guests.

We had very special guest from TLTI to join us this year. So it was big blessing to have with us Rev. Albert Strydhorst, director of International Ministries of Timothy Leadership Training Institute, Rev. Ver Bernardino, TLTI Ministry consultant, and Corry Willson from Calvin Theological Seminary. It was an inspiring time that left us very encouraged.

SBS team poses with TLTI delegates

Stories from TLT-2017

We want to encourage you all with some stories from this year’s TLT-2017 Master Trainer’s conference.

Bayarkhuu, Worship Leader from the Light of Love Church in Dornogovi

“At this year’s TLT conference I was able to better understand how to plan so that I could form and equip a team to accomplish goals. I made a new plan of action for the near future. My plan is to visit Ochiro and his family and travel to the surrounding communities and share the gospel with those people. I will visit the homes of people who have left the church and encourage them in the Word. God called us to be peacemakers and to lift others up. He is full of mercy. It is all for His glory”

Munkhnaran, Believer from Kharkhorin Church in Uvurkhangai Province:

I graduated from the TLT as a master trainer in 2014. In 2015 I attended the TLT Conference for master trainers and God impressed on my heart to help my pastor, Mashbat start a house church in Bat Ulzii soum in Uvurhangai Province. I have been serving there since last year. TLT has been instrumental in my walk with God. It has helped me to understand the Bible and the role of the Church in the community. I am eager to return to my church and family and continue to teach and train them with the lessons from TLT. I am taking back 10 of each of the lesson booklets to use for my house church.

Uranchimeg, Church Leader from Salvation Way Church in Sainshand

“When I first started TLT I made a plan of action for the Caring for God’s People class. I was able to bring back to church 13 people who had left. It encouraged me so I continued on and made another plan of action to care for more people. Since then, I brought a total of 27 people to the Lord. When I return to Sainshand I will continue visiting people and I plan to teach the Caring for God’s People class at church. My spirit was so encouraged during this TLT conference and I feel like my strength is renewed. I would like the SBS film team to come and minister in our community with us.”

Stories From the Steppe

God’s Grace Is Proclaimed Throughout the Steppe



God’s Perfect Timing


We often hear the expression “timing is everything”. We were reminded yet again of God’s perfect timing during our latest ministry trip to Hatgal, in Huvsgul Province.  It was there we met a 70 year-old gentleman by the name of Tovu, and his 65 year-old wife, Yanjma.  The elderly couple were in need of someone to help clean their barn yard after the long, harsh Mongolian winter.

Our team got busy right away.  As we worked, clearing away brush and animal dung, we shared the Gospel with the couple.  We told them how God created everything and wants to have a relationship with His creation.  Tovu and Yanjma were both touched and asked to hear more about the Gospel.


As we prayed with them to receive Jesus as their savior, we could not imagine the impact our meeting would have in light of eternity.

Two days after our encounter, Yanjma was returning home from her granddaughter’s school play when she collapsed near her home.  When they found her it was too late to resuscitate her.  She had already passed on to eternity.

Although we were shocked and deeply saddened to hear the news of her passing, we were grateful and humbled to witness God’s perfect timing in the lives of Tovu and Yanjma.



A Former Shaman Finds True Peace


In Tarialan Soum we met up with Bayra, a believer from a local church there. She accompanied us as we visited homes in the area, sharing our testimonies and showing films. She told us about a 50 year-old female Shaman named Bathu who had heard the Gospel but was struggling to understand Christianity.  Bayra asked us to accompany her to Bathu’s home, to answer her questions and show her the Jesus film.

After watching the Jesus film, we spoke with Bathu of  how Jesus delivered a man from evil spirits.  We explained to her that God is the God of all things, both seen and unseen and He is the source and creator of everything.

Bathu listened as we told her about the fall of Lucifer and how Satan came to kill, steal, and destroy.  Bathu then told us that she had been experiencing Satan’s destruction in her own life.  Since she first heard the Gospel she had been haunted by snakes.  The creatures came to her first in her dreams at night, then she began to see them during the day. They would talk to her and try to enter her body and the body of her daughter.  During her darkest time of fear she would cry out to God to protect her and the snakes would disappear only to return again later to haunt her.

After she told us these things we agreed in prayer for her deliverance.   Bathu boldly made the decision to commit herself fully to God that day.