A Testimony From Kyrgyzstan.

by Mungunkhet J May 15, 2021

My name is Soyol (we changed the names of the individuals due to the privacy and safety), and I am a junior student at the Turkish Manas University in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I lived in a school dormitory. Shortly after arriving in Bishkek three years ago, I met Baatar’s family from Mongolia. I have been friends with Baatar’s family for three years.

Later I learned that they were Christians. I avoided talking about the religion with them because I was a Buddhist at that time. After the pandemic, my school was closed, the dormitory was locked, and there was nowhere to go. I couldn’t find an apartment outside of the school, and I was worried and scared. It was challenging for a single female student to have no one to support. When I contacted Munkhbaatar and told him about my situation, he invited me to his house and told me that I could stay with them.

A small group gathering of Mongolian in Bishkek

Since then, I have heard about Christ and came to a deeper understanding. I have recently decided to become a Christian and want to learn a lot more about Him. Now I live without any fear or worry. We watch the “Church In A Box” video Bible Study every week. After the Bible Study, we have time to share what we have learned.

Jesus’ humility and good deeds for others have always fascinated me. I’m also learning how to be a role model and an excellent example to others from these video lessons. Though people make many wrong choices in their lives, there is always a way to live the right. Jesus taught us to turn to his truth always. Now I know the consequence of sin is death.