Church in a Box

The biggest struggle new house church leaders encounter is finding a way to facilitate weekly church meetings that include well-prepared praise and worship times as well as sound teachings and Biblical discussions. To help them with this, Among Foundation is creating the ‘Church in a Box’ house church video guide.

As the early church committed themselves to the Word of God, to fellowship with each other, to prayers and praising God together, God added to their numbers day by day those who were being saved.

In these videos, SBS team members guide the new church leaders through four sections of the meeting, FELLOWSHIP, WORSHIP, WORD, and PRAYER. While the SBS team encourages the audience during Fellowship and Prayer time, a Praise and Worship leader will lead the audience during the worship time with songs and accompanying lyrics and guitar chords on the screen. House church members can learn to play the instrument as they sing along with the worship leader.

Church in a Box begins with 52 episodes on the Gospel of John.  The teachings are prepared and taught by Among Foundation’s Executive Director, Mungunkhet J.