TLT-2017 Master Trainer’s Conference

SBS team held our annual TLT-2017 Master Trainer’s Conference, in June 9-11. The 68 attendants that hailed from 30 different soums and provinces represented 48 churches.  Eighteen of them were pastors and 48 were ministry leaders and house church leaders.

The goal of the TLT Master Trainers Conference is to encourage and empower the Master Trainers in their work and to confirm the things they have learned throughout the TLT sessions. It is also meant to be a source of equipping and personalized practical helps.  Each attendee conveyed that they were left feeling encouraged and with a clear vision of things they needed to work on.

Special guests.

We had very special guest from TLTI to join us this year. So it was big blessing to have with us Rev. Albert Strydhorst, director of International Ministries of Timothy Leadership Training Institute, Rev. Ver Bernardino, TLTI Ministry consultant, and Corry Willson from Calvin Theological Seminary. It was an inspiring time that left us very encouraged.

SBS team poses with TLTI delegates

Stories from TLT-2017

We want to encourage you all with some stories from this year’s TLT-2017 Master Trainer’s conference.

Bayarkhuu, Worship Leader from the Light of Love Church in Dornogovi

“At this year’s TLT conference I was able to better understand how to plan so that I could form and equip a team to accomplish goals. I made a new plan of action for the near future. My plan is to visit Ochiro and his family and travel to the surrounding communities and share the gospel with those people. I will visit the homes of people who have left the church and encourage them in the Word. God called us to be peacemakers and to lift others up. He is full of mercy. It is all for His glory”

Munkhnaran, Believer from Kharkhorin Church in Uvurkhangai Province:

I graduated from the TLT as a master trainer in 2014. In 2015 I attended the TLT Conference for master trainers and God impressed on my heart to help my pastor, Mashbat start a house church in Bat Ulzii soum in Uvurhangai Province. I have been serving there since last year. TLT has been instrumental in my walk with God. It has helped me to understand the Bible and the role of the Church in the community. I am eager to return to my church and family and continue to teach and train them with the lessons from TLT. I am taking back 10 of each of the lesson booklets to use for my house church.

Uranchimeg, Church Leader from Salvation Way Church in Sainshand

“When I first started TLT I made a plan of action for the Caring for God’s People class. I was able to bring back to church 13 people who had left. It encouraged me so I continued on and made another plan of action to care for more people. Since then, I brought a total of 27 people to the Lord. When I return to Sainshand I will continue visiting people and I plan to teach the Caring for God’s People class at church. My spirit was so encouraged during this TLT conference and I feel like my strength is renewed. I would like the SBS film team to come and minister in our community with us.”