Color of Life

In Color of Life we share the Gospel through testimonies of Mongolian believers. For over 7 years we have aired these stories on television and the internet. Our teams use the show in rural areas as a door-opening tool to share the Good News.

A Facebook page member

“It’s amazing to see God doing miracles in people’s lives and bringing light into dark, difficult situations. It really is a testament to His goodness.”

A believer in a rural church

I watched Color of Life episode that featured a man who was saved from alcohol addiction. I thought, if Jesus could change him, He can surely change me. I accepted Christ and my life has been completely turned around.

A believer in a rural church

Color of Life is a big part of my spiritual walk. Seeing how God helps others overcome obstacles is very encouraging. This is a show for both believers and unbelievers.

A believer in a rural church

I watched a Color of Life episode that featured a woman who had been raped. As I listened to her story I was overwhelmed at the suffering she went through. This prompted me to find the woman I raped years ago and beg her forgiveness. She allowed me to share the Gospel with her and invite her to church.

Eternal land

The Eternal Land Children’s Show began airing in 2010. With each program we aim to present children with Bible stories that help build a strong character. Currently around 4,000 children view the program daily. The two main characters, “Flying Boy” and “Princess Dew” have become well-known among young Mongolian children.

Uranchimeg Program viewer

I’m 16 but I still love to watch Eternal Land! I’ve watched it since I was a little girl. May God be with you all and bless your efforts.

Ariuna Program viewer

My 4 year-old son watches Eternal Land every day. After the episode about the death and resurrection of Jesus he was full of questions about salvation. We were able to answer his questions and guide him to a deeper understanding of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. I’m grateful for the show and for the lives it is touching.

Light News

Light News began 10 years ago as a way to encourage viewers with positive news reports. Our goal is to bring to light the good Christians are doing, not only in our country, but all over the world. Light News’ positive message and Biblical values influence both viewers and other news stations who have adopted and implemented aspects of our Light News format in their own news programs.

Viewers’ comments

I’m grateful to Light News for providing years of positive programing. It has been such a source of hope and encouragement for me and many others.

Viewers’ comments

I used to be oblivious to the positive things happening around me and only focused on the negative. Light News showed me that change begins with people just like me.

Viewers’ comments

Light News featured my son on one of their programs. He was very sick and we didn’t have the money to pay for his treatment. Because of the attention we were able to raise enough money to pay his hospital bills. Many people reached out to us with prayers and emotional support as well.